“Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense! For soon you will be bursting at the seams” Isaiah 54:2 NLT

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The Gateway Project is seeking a building that will enable God’s heart for Woking town centre to shine out. The priorities are:

  • Open up our building: make it more welcoming, attractive and relevant by creating visibility from outside through into the Nave.

  • Extra space for mission activities: 5 more rooms (33% extra space), dedicated youth centre and crèche area.

  • Improve and expand our café and catering capability

  • Fix the essential (works that will have to be done regardless): Refurbish the interior decoration and toilets. Update heating, electrical and mechanical systems.



We have consulted with both Woking Borough Council and Guildford Diocese on the plans. They are both excited by how the plans are shaping up and have offered very constructive comments and suggestions. Both are keen for us to continue and support further development of the plans. Doing nothing is not an option!


Why Now?

Most of our vital service systems are beyond the end of their life and there is an increasing risk that one or more will fail beyond repair. So doing nothing at all would send the church into complete decline. If we were to just fix these issues, we would need to spend at least £1m, still close the church for a period and not gain any other benefits.


Project Cost

We estimate that the total project costs will be in the range £5-6m with our current best estimate being £5.85m.