Vision and VAlues


At Christ Church we want to honour Jesus by the way we live life.  We desire ‘to be more like Jesus’ so we can experience a restored relationship with God, which Jesus demonstrated so perfectly.  We want ‘to do more like Jesus’ so we continue the work that Jesus started in the local church by sharing the good news of Jesus in Woking and beyond.  We aim to ‘lead more to Jesus’ as we are convinced that He is the only one who can bring restoration and wholeness to our lives; He alone has the power and love which can forgive our sins.


Our Vision

A stream of people coming to faith in Jesus
A community living more passionately for Jesus
Restoring hope and transforming lives in Woking
Substantial growth especially in children and youth

Our Values

Worship – a lifestyle of passionate worship
Prayer – a lifestyle of personal & community based prayer
Compassion – sharing God’s heart for the lost
Discipleship – a lifestyle transformed by Word and Spirit
Community – deeply committed to one another


Our Story so far...

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The Early Years

As the new town of Woking grew, people began worshipping in the back of a shop.  A year later an “Iron Room” was built and construction of the new church began on this site.  The first service at Christ Church took place on New Years Day 1889, the building was consecrated in June 1893.  The building had cost £7,190 to complete.

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The Middle Years

Attendance by the 1920s was high with many services each Sunday.  The church was linked into the local community with numerous well attended clubs.  The Second World War inevitably led to a reduction in social activity associated with the church.  Christ Church saw revival in the mid 1950s with strong children's and youth groups, and a call to go deep into prayer, laying some of the foundations of what was to come. 

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The Church in the Centre


The town centre began to expand around the church and by the mid 1980s a new vision emerged for a significant transformation to recognise its place as 'the church in the centre'.  Money was raised and the building was transformed, removing the pews, adding a baptismal pool, a coffee shop and bookshop, and rooms to meet.  The building was now open 7 days a week.

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The Recent Years

Christ Church has seen considerable growth with many people visiting for all sorts of purposes. We have opened a debt relief centre, continued to strengthen our children's and youth groups, and are involved in helping in the wider community.  Right from the start, we’ve had a burning passion both to serve the community of which we are part, and to speak distinctively of our belief in a God who loves us all and wants us to know Him.